Authentic Latin Dance Lesson Programs

At The Salsa Club, we believe authenticity is everything and that includes our Latin Dance Lesson Programs. Our in-house expert Dance Instructors are born, grown and trained in Latin Dance from a young age, are well-versed in teaching methodologies and have at least 3 years Latin Dance Teaching experience. Latin Dance Lesson Programs include 6 or 8 lessons of 45 minutes, depending on the type of dance program. We have also the dropping option for people that don’t or can’t commit to a dance program.

Learn how to Latin dance with an Instructor born and trained in a Latin Country, where Latin Dance is an essential part of their culture.

Most of the Dance lesson programs will be focus on top dances such as Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Cha Cha Cha, Rueda de Casino as well as other Latin dances. Each program will focus on key elements of dance including timing, rhythm, melody, dance steps and the various dance techniques for both dance lead and follower roles. With this full program package you will be able to move forward in Latin dance and have multiple dance steps for your dance repertoire while having fun.

Studio location is 1 Nelson St. W Basement Suite 11, Downtown Brampton, south of the GO Station.


Click on the applicable poster for more information and to reserve your spot(s). For more information not included in the Dance Lesson Program Description please call (647) 501-0269


Hanler P. Nieves was born and grew up in Santa Clara, Cuba where as a child he learned to dance from his mother, family and especially his friends, dancing in the streets, school recess, parties and celebrations. He loved to sing, dance and entertain and was recognized for his talents at a very young age with awards and recognition.

For a short time, Hanler was a middle school teacher but when a Hotel Entertainment and Hospitality Management School in his home city opened up to help meet the demands of a growing resort industry, Hanler pursued his dreams of working in entertainment and was one of only a dozen people selected out of hundreds to complete the diploma which included the subjects such as teaching Latin dance and event and entertainment management. For over 5 years, Hanler quickly climbed the ladder as employee, supervisor and then Manager of Entertainment at some of Cuba’s top hotels.

Authentic Latin Dance Lessons in Brampton and Toronto, Ontario Canada
Hanler P. Nieves

After moving to Toronto, he trained and worked as a Dance Instructor at Pollock Dance Studio for 2 years and then in 2011 he opened The Salsa Club to promote Latin culture and teach Latin dance lessons before weekly social Latin dance events. At the request of his clients, he also began creating and leading group and private Latin dance lesson programs in downtown Mississauga, with a focus on non-competitive, Latin social dancing.
Hanler has a lifetime experience of Latin dance and almost 20 years of experience teaching Latin dances such as Salsa, Rueda de Casino, Cha-cha-cha and Dominican Republic’s dances merengue and bachata. With Hanler’s background in entertainment, events, and Latin dance lessons, his classes are well-organized and broken down into easy steps for everyone to understand; and he loves to make classes fun and entertaining too.

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