About Us

Established in 2011

The Salsa Club, established in 2011 in the Greater Toronto Area, serves as a dynamic Latin culture ambassador throughout Ontario. The club’s mission is to promote, education and celebrate Latin American culture through a variety of programs and initiatives. By doing so they aim to support the multiculturalism and diversity of Canadian society while engaging and empowering communities to build healthy and vibrant multicultural cities.

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The Founder and Managing Director

Founder Hanler P. Nieves, born in Central America, and raised with a passion for Latin food, music and dance, has been organizing and promoting Latin culture for over 20 years. He is recognized as one of the largest Latin collaborators in Toronto with a wide network of Latin culture experts and entertainers. His dedication and expertise have been instrumental in shaping Latin culture in the Toronto area and leading The Salsa Club in building a Latin culture fanatics in the region. Read more…

Connecting Communities & Latin Culture Appreciation

Through a diverse range of events, workshops and festivals, The Salsa Club creates opportunities for people of all backgrounds to immerse themselves in the richness of Latin American Traditions. From Latin dance classes to Latin music concerts, The Salsa Club offers a gateway to the vibrant world of Latin culture. The Salsa Club engages and celebrate Latin culture through dynamic events, workshops and performances that showcase the diversity of Latin American traditions. By fostering community connections, collaborating with local talents, and promoting cultural appreciation, it cultivates understanding, respect and curiosity for the rich heritage of Latin America, uplifting voices and fostering unity.

The Salsa Club’s outreach extends across Ontario, Canada, reaching communities and inspiring a deeper appreciation from the beauty and diversity of Latin American heritage. By fostering a sense of connection, understanding and respect. The Salsa Club play a vital role in promoting cross-cultural dialogue and unity in a rapidly evolving multicultural landscape.

Team Members, Board of Directors and Volunteers

The Salsa Club’s team members, board of directors, and volunteers represent a diverse array of Latin American Countries, bringing a rich tapestry of cultural talents, experiences and expertise. With origins spanning from Mexico to Cuba to Colombia, they collectively embody The Salsa Club’s mission of celebrating and promoting the vibrant heritage of Latin America.

From Start-up to Success: The History of The Salsa Club

Next to Toronto’s longest standing Latin establishments like Lula Lounge and El Rancho, The Salsa Club has the 3rd largest reach on Facebook and is a top independent, not for profit Latin culture and entertainment organization that partners with other organizations, bringing the best Latin entertainment experience across Ontario.

The Salsa Club (TSC) has successfully brought together, engaged and created, memorable experiences for Ontarians of Latin and non-Latin descent. TSC works with over 100 top Latin professionals and artists in Ontario and contacts with international Latin artists in and outside of Canada. For nearly 20 years, Hanler P. Nieves has contracted highly qualified and experienced professional and semi-professional Latinx musicians, DJs, performers,
dancers, dance instructors, culinary experts, food trucks etc.

The Salsa Club has been contracted by many festivals, city events and schools. In 2018, contracted by Port Credit’s Tim Hortons Southside Shuffle Blues & Jazz Festival to bring in a Latin segment which included Latin dance lessons, live music and dancing. TSC has also been contracted by City of Brampton in 2019 and 2022. In 2012, 2017 and
2019, 2024 TSC has been contracted by Ontario High Schools; and has implemented Latin Dance Lesson Programs and classes in Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Hamilton, Milton & Brampton for over 10 years as well as successfully marketed Latin dance lesson programs on behalf Latin dance schools across the GTA, creating substantial new business for Latin Dance School owners.

The Salsa Club is committed to spreading cultural appreciation awareness and avoiding cultural appropriation. If appropriate talent is not available, the TSC’s policy is to find the next suitable local candidate or hire outside of the province or country. An example of cultural apprecation: For Cuban-themed events such as Cuban Cabaret, TSC strives to hire 100% Cuban-Canadian professionally trained talent but may have to substitute if unavailable; and for Colombian-themed events, TSC strives to hire 100% Colombian-Canadian professional trained talent etc.

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