Party Entertainers For Hire

Chico the Monkey, Santa Claus, and The Grinch Professional Mascot Party Entertainers for Hire

Our Professional Mascot Party Entertainers are professionally trained in acting, performing and dance; and the costumes are top quality bringing the very best to your event or party. Prices starting at $175 per hour. 3-hour minimum and travel fee applies. Click the image for more information. Call for more information or to book your Professional Mascot Party Entertainer (647) 501-0269

Chico the Monkey is entertainment and fun for all ages. Our entertainers are professionally trained in acting and performing; and costume is top quality. Provide your company’s t-shirt or uniform and if it fit’s Chico will wear it at your request.
Nothing says Christmas more than good ol’ Santa Claus. Our entertainers have professional training in acting and performing; and costumes are top quality.
Hire a professional entertainer like The Grinch Who Stole Christmas that will have your guests laughing and having the most fun at your event. Our entertainers have professional training acting and performing; and all our costumes are the highest quality.